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  • Yomaira & Kyle

    I absolutely love being a McNamara customer. Our insurance agent Jolie is wonderful at what she does and always does her best to get us great results! They found us incredibly low insurance rates and are always readily at our service. We have had to use our insurance twice since starting our policy and both times have went beyond better than expected! I would absolutely recommend anyone to this company. Jolie makes you feel like more than just a customer which is a great feeling. I would never go back to anywhere else for my insurance needs!

  • Angie Thompson

    Brandon Smith is the best insurance agent ever. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. The other agents in their office rock too. I could not live without their efforts. They are the best insurance agents I know!.

  • Amy Minnich

    Word of mouth led me to Jolie, she said “Let me work for you” and the rest is history! Now, I am referring family and friends so they too can save money while getting the best service an agent can provide!

  • Mark Windsor

    Best choice I ever made moving all my needs to McNamara Financial. Why you might be wondering?? Cause Stephen McNamara unlike most cares about his customers so much so that you could call him at 3am with an issue! And say sorry for calling so late!! He would reply NO PROBLEM!!! Where else in America can you get that!!!!!

  • Noris Pasic

    McNamara Financial really took care of my insurance needs. They saved me hundreds of dollars on my auto insurance alone! I commend Steve, Brandon, and Jolie for their hard work on getting me the absolute best rates on all of my insurance needs.

  • Dayna Dolch

    We've had the pleasure of being customers of McNamara Financial for the past few years. They constantly go above and beyond to provide an exceptional customer experience. We have worked closest with Brandon at McNamara and he's always been extremely responsive, very detailed, and most importantly trustworthy. An example of this would be when we were recently relocating out of state to the Midwest. Brandon went out of his way to contact a few local agents in Indiana to ensure our needs would be met prior to relocating and it would be one less thing we'd have to worry about. It worked out wonderfully and we didn't have to worry about a thing. A big thank you for all you do for your customers and I'd encourage anyone in the market for insurance needs to work with McNamara and I promise you that you will be wow'd!

  • Jarred Parke

    The staff at McNamara financial is so knowledgeable and helpful. They are always keeping my best interest a priority by providing our family with the best values between different insurance options.

  • Diane Kearney

    I had been with the same insurance company for over a decade but the premiums kept going up and I hadn't had a claim. My uncle referred me to McNamara. I was impressed with how long Steve McNamara spent with me answering all my questions and going over options. I got a fantastic plan for far less than what I had been paying. I referred my son to McNamara and he quoted him a very good premium rate. When my son totaled his car on black ice McNamara handled matters exceptionally - my son got a rental car and a very fair settlement which made it possible for him to replace his totaled car with a new car. The cherry on the top at McNamara Financial is Jolie Loring, an advisor. She is extraordinarily helpful and knowledgeable and always takes the time to answer questions and get me the information I need quickly. I have and would recommend McNamara Financial.